Malena DFK International will keep strict confidentiality, during the execution of the works and at the end of the works, on all the information to which it will have access directly or indirectly.

The Firm will require similar commitments of confidentiality to third parties that it must involve in the fulfillment of the objectives of each proposal. Likewise, the Firm will provide a confidentiality agreement and information management that will be signed by both parties and will form an integral part of each business proposal.

Companies that contract services with Malena DFK International, as well as any other related company, and its directors and shareholders, must have absolute confidentiality in relation to the corresponding proposal, reports, recommendations and work carried out by our Firm.

It is part of our work to keep company’s management informed about the development of each project. Likewise, we will offer all the consultations and explanations necessary to understand the nature of our service.